GTA 5 Online upcoming DLC rumours

GTA 5 Online upcoming DLC rumours

GTA 5 online upcoming rumours. GTA 5 is one of the best trends changing game which was a huge success. And GTA 5 Online is the best Multiplayer game Even now Millions of Gamers are playing GTA 5 Online. And in the meantime, Rockstar had introduced many new DLC's in the game.

Release Date:

GTA 5: 17 September 2013
GTA 5 Online: 1 Oct 2013


From the date of GTA 5 Online release, Rockstar had released many new updates for the game like Latest Casino DLC and Night Club and much more interesting DLC's to play and many new vehicles like oppressor mark 2 and much more new latest vehicles 

GTA 5 Upcoming Rumours:

Many new rumours are going on the internet about GTA 5 Online New DLC's Like Cop's And Creeks And recently there is a confirmation that Rockstar is going to release new Casino Heist And we got a msg that described as "Revenge is sweet from cheng foundation". And I think it's the new upcoming GTA 5 Online DLC with Casino Heist 

GTA 5 Online

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