Everything About Google Stadia

Everything About Google Stadia:

It's been 2 weeks  Google Stadia had been released. And Google had made a huge announcement about Google Stadia and google announced many new features like cloud base gaming and Google has said we don't need to buy any hardware product we just need to buy a controller to access the game and play and also google chrome cast and there is a monthly subscription in google stadia.

Google Stadia Price:

Controller price: 69$
Google chromecast: 129$
Monthly Subscription: 9.99$

Offers and other things:

Google Stadia Contains 30 Games and Google Stadia has resolution support of 4k. Google Stadia contains games like Red Dead Redemption 2, Destiny 2 and Tomb Raider other many games. But we need to buy every game to play the game. And Google  to introduce a monthly pass just like Xbox Gold Pass, PS +


Stadia has its own advantages in its own pace. it's great to see cloud gaming console to be introduced by google. we don't require any heavy consoles to play the game. Even we can play the latest games in mobile with the help of google stadia Controller(connect with the help of wire). We can directly access to the games we can play through Youtube and there are many new features are in google stadia.


Stadia has many advantages and as well as disadvantages like
if we need to play a game through the cloud we require a good broadband speed to play the games with no disturbance. The minimum broadband speed is 30Mbps and above. We need to connect google stadia with mobile through a wire, not through Bluetooth. Even if stadia comes with 4k resolution support there is an issue with a sudden drop of frame rate and other issues like slow reaction in the game and huge price on the games even through 10$ monthly subscription and .........

But we can hope that Google can solve that issue 
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