All Console Games Release Date

All  Console Games Release Date

Here is the list of the games for November and beyond it. and there are going to be a feast for gamers because there are many games are going to be releasing this November and beyond and let's start our list along with release date

First List of November games for Ps4, Xbox, Pc, Switch and Stadia:

Pokemon Sword and Sheild (Switch):
Release Date: 15-November

Terminator: Resistance (Ps4, Xbox, Pc):
Release Date: 15-November

Assasin's Creed Odyssey (Stadia):
Release Date- 19-November

The Crew 2 (stadia):
Release Date: 19-November

Narcos: Rise of Cartels (pc, Ps4):
Release Date: 19-November

Shenmue 3 (Ps4, Pc):
Release Date: 19-November

WRC 8 (Switch):
Release Date: 19-November

Civilization 6 (Xbox, Ps4):
Release Date: 22-November

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