Best Playstation 4 Exclusive games

Best Playstation 4 Exclusive games 

Playstation console is one of best gaming company of all times and it's all because of games and quality of the console. Which made them stand top in gaming Industries with great exclusive. Which had attracted new gamers to buy its console and many other console users are also been attracted towards sony just to play its exclusive games and due to it's exclusive, we love PlayStation.   

Here is some Best PS4 Exclusive Games list:

God OF War:

God Of War whenever we hear this name we always remember Playstation 2. Because Playstation has produced some great quality of God OF War series which is still famous and due to God of war Sony Playstation has increased its market all over the world. And it is one of the famous games of all times. And As per PS4, God of War 4 is a masterpiece of  Playstation 4 Exclusive games and became the best selling game of 2018 and won many awards and crushed its old records God of war 4 is an action-adventure fantasy with high-quality graphics and many gamers had fallen in love with it and going into the story. Kratos is our main protagonist and also his son Atreus started there new adventure in Norse mythology to full fill his wife's last wish and then our Kratos started his journey to full fill her wish and in between there are many action-packed fighting with the monsters and also we can upgrade our weapons and armoury and so on 

ps4 exclusive

Marvels Spider-Man: 

Marvel Spider-Man is one of the best superhero game produced ever and it's been a Playstation 4 exclusive. With new gameplay and new mechanism and some great story mode and our old villain friends had returned in the game. And new combat techniques had been introduced into this game and many more new things are introduced into the game and  ur going to fall in love with the game  if u play spider-man and let us get into the story like every time superheroes have to save our  world from evil and fight the villain and many things and this game is an open-world. And many to do in the game 

playstation 4 exclusive

Uncharted 4: The Thief's End:

Uncharted 4 is one of the best Playstation 4 exclusive game with an outstanding game concept and gameplay. And it contains great graphics and every Uncharted series game was a great hit for Playstation and even Uncharted 2 series was a huge hit in PlayStation. And everyone thought this game would be just like other uncharted series concept but it has crushed everyone expectation and became a huge hit and became one of the best Playstation 4 exclusive game for sony entertainment and it's also the last series for Nathan Drak for Uncharted and we gamers are really gonna miss him! 

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