Battlefield V | War in the Pacific

Battlefield V | War in the Pacific:

Battlefield V New trailer has been out for PS4 And Battlefield is going to show it's old origin in this New game. Battlefield games made a huge impact on the gaming industry along with Call Of Duty. Battlefield has become a Famous franchise in EA games company. And it's also one of the Best First Person Shooting game. Let's jump into game info 


There are going to introduce 2 new Factions into the game one is American and other is Japanese Faction. We have to play with both sides of the factions in the game.


This time EA has introduced some new Weapons into the game like Japanese Sword katanas, Japanese SMG, Type 97 LMG and many more and if u want to use Katana we must find it inside the game and equip in the game


New vehicles had been introduced into the game Like Legendary Sherman M4 Tank has been introduced into the game with the good armoury and good speed and many things
Battlefield V


There are many Elites has been introduced into the game and some of them are Jack Culver and Keisuke Nakamura one from U.S.A and other is from Japan.

And many new chapters are going to be introduced after the release of the game with some update 

Release Date:

October 31 2019



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