Yakuza 7: like a Dragon

Yakuza 7: like a Dragon

Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon new game story trailer and gameplay had been out for ps4 and in the game-play, we can see the developers have mainly focused on the fighting style of the character and they had introduced new protagonist into this yakuza series and they have introduced new fighting styles into this game so that the gamers can enjoy to there heart content but we don't know we play the game as usual this game contains all about the yakuza kinds of stuff of japan and also Chinese mafia and gangs  and in trailer we can see that hero was loyal to his gang and to its boss but he gets betrayed and he spends years in jail and in the gameplay we can see  that the game development company only released its fighting style but as per story trailer we can assume  a rough story of the game

And the developers have great expectations for this game and not only the developers even the Yakuza series fans have a great expectation for the game because of the game  development unit had improved many things in the game like combat and graphics and many more and we have to wait and see about the game experience 


Yakuza 7 is a Play Station exclusive and it is going to release on January 16, 2020, so mark ur calendar for this Yakuza series 

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