XBOX 2 Leaks and expected release year

XBOX  2 Leaks and expected release year:

Microsoft XBOX is going to release its new console series  its a new generation console with high-tech technology and its rumours to be 8k support and with an SSD support to make it more faster then any  other consoles and it's trying to bring new XBOX exclusive with new games to compete with PS 4 and to surpass PS 4 in 2020 with its new exclusive to beat PS 4
and there are some leaks that Project XBOX Scarlett on 2020 Holidays season and the SSD is with the latest lighting fast than any other consoles and there is an amazing rumour that this XBOX Scarlett is coming with AMD Zen2 processor which is multiple times faster than XBOX ONE X and PS4 PRO its going to be an exciting year for consoles for 2020 but we don't know when we are going to get PS5 But many game maker companies are waiting for XBOX Scarlett and PS5 so  they can release there new games like Rockstar Studios is waiting for PS5 And XBOX Scarlett so they can release GTA 6 and many more games and XBOX Scarlett is coming with 8k resolution, GGDR6 memory and I have already said that it's going to come with an inbuilt SSD which enhances gaming experience and its going to push back our current consoles with this ultimate gaming experience so we can enjoy our gamers life with this new upcoming with consoles with new exclusive games so we have to wait for any other rumours to be release and also for PS4
Note: This info is based on some classified source so the info may change in Future so if the info changes in the future I will update u with the new info

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