Upcoming Games in 2020 That Are Going To Blow Our Mind

Upcoming Games in 2020 That  Are Going To Blow Our Mind

Upcoming year for gamers it is going to be an amazing year because many new games are going to release in 2020 with high-end realistic and high graphic with extraordinary story and gaming content to play in 2020
here are some list that is going to release in 2020

Final Fantasy 7 Remake-
Release Date-3-March-2020
Final Fantasy 7 Remake
 as u guys all know that all the Final Fantasy series are a success and after a long wait we are going to get Final Fantasy 7 Remake. At E3 2019 Director of this Game has announced that Final Fantasy 7 Remake 1st Episode we are going to get 2 Blu-Ray disc's worth of content and Final Fantasy 7 Remake Makers doesn't release info of the story or any other thinks so let us wait and see

CyberPunk 2077-
Release Date-16-April-2020

it's one of the most anticipated games of the 2020 and it's an action and adventure game with open-world games and we can also see  a famous Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves is going  in the main  role
2077 is going to have 6 different regions  in an open-world game with some nasty business and also some gang fight to control the city and we can also see many homeless robots on the streets and overbearing law and many more that's all we can see from a gameplay trailer so let us wait for more from the developers that are all about CyberPunk 2077

Call of Duty: Black Ops 5:
Release Date-2020(Un Dated)

upcoming games in 2020
everyone knows that call of duty is a famous game series and now it is going to release a new game Call Of Duty: Black Ops 5 it's an FPS action shooting games official release date has not been out but rumours have been out that it's going to release in 2020 and it' is a 5 series game in Black Ops series so lets wait and see when will the developers will release a new update on this game 

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