Red Dead Redemption 2 Online update

Red Dead Redemption 2 Online update:

The rock-star had announced a new update on RedDead Redemption 2 Online for the online player who loves playing online Rock star had officially announced that they are going to add new gameplay which includes some cool cooperative story missions and also some free open world free roam activities and also they are going to add poker with the upcoming update

red dead redemption
Red dead redemption 2 online is going to release some new missions for honourable players and dishonourable players and also they are going to fix some minor bugs in online and also offline  the revenge saga of Jessica LeClerk continues and also players are going to help Mrs.LeClerk to solve the murder case of her husband and the land of opportunities continues
                 Red dead redemption 2 is going to expand the free roam missions and also going to introduce with new characters for the story of red dead  redemption offline 
                And also they are going to introduce some extreme missions and also some  and also look out for more characters to appear soon in front of u and they are going to introduce LeMat Revolver and it can be brought from wheeler, and also from Co.Catalogue and more new clothing styles had been introduced in this update
                They are going to give a 1 Gold Bar per rank they rise so what are u waiting for go and open ur Red Dead redemption online enjoy the new update guys

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