This year been a great  year for gamers and also for the gaming industry with lots of brand new games had released and entertained us with its awesome contains and gameplay with mind-blowing graphic and content and here are some new 2020 games that are going to release in 2020 

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let's start our list

1)Dying Light 2:

   Release date: 2020 

It's an action RPG and shooting survival game with some horror and this game is a sequel of Techland's zombie-filled with lots of horror and survival game 

and Dying Light 1 has been released on 2015 and it been a huge hit for the Dying Light and many have been waiting for the game sequel after Dying Light 1 game in 2015 and now Dying Light developer have confirmed that they are going to release its sequel game of Dying Light with lots of zombies to smash and it's lots more than just an RPG and it's lots bigger than any other survival game with lots more stuff to do and you can also play a campaign with 4 players co-op and many more 

2) Beyond Good & Evil:

  Release date: 2020
its been 15 years Beyond Good & Evil game has been released and after 15 years of a long wait we are going to get Beyond Good & Evil sequel and Ubisoft revealed about the game sequel at E3 2017  and after a year at 2018 E3 Ubisoft has released some info about the game. In this game, we can see Animals are also evolving along with humans and at some point, we can also see about Hindu Mythology in this game 

3) Ghost of Tsushima:

  Release date: 2020

it's an open-world adventure game with samurai as a protagonist it forms the developer's of infamous and this game has been highlighted at E3 2018 and its trailer had made a huge buzz and trailer got positive reviews from gamers  and it became one of the most awaiting PS4 game and its also its a ps4 exclusive and also contains a great stealth action game and this game is filled with lots of action and high-quality graphics and we can see in the trailer that this game contains some awesome sword fights

4)Rainbow Six Quarantine:

  Release date: 2020

It's an action-adventure fps game and this game is set several years to the future this game is about finding and eliminating foreigner aliens and parasites that destroying humans this game contains 3 players co-op adventure game u can play with ur besties and unknown strangers

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