New Games in 2019

New Games in 2019

Its been a super successful year for Sony Ps4  huge games has been released 

on ps4 like

God of War 4

red dead redemption 2(also for Xbox and PC)
Days gone

and many more and now Sony PS 4 is going to release some awesome new games this 2019


1) control

Release date- 27 Aug 2019
This game is an action-adventure shooting game from the makers of Max Payne
with the main lead is Jesse Faden how is a federal bureau of control director
who is in charge of the supernatural phenomenon in U.S.A
the game contains some cool features and graphics the weapons can change its mod
on the different purpose of use and I can't wait for Aug 27 to try this game

2)  Borderlands 3:

release date- 23 Sep 2019

As u all know Borderland 2 was a good game for Ps4 with cool story mode and great gameplay

now its time for new Borderland sequence and it is Borderland 3 which is also an action-adventure
and shooting game which contains its own unique silly gameplay so as we see the trailer of this game it contains the same awesome fell as its previous series many super fans of borderland series are been waiting for the game to be released even I am a huge fan of borderland and its game contain a huge
amount of guns and also they are going to introduce new transport the motorbike in this game and also some brand new locations in this borderlands 3 it's going to be an exciting year for Ps4 fans

3) Ghost Recon Breakpoint:

release date- 4 Oct 2019

Its a shooting genre game with lots of lots of shooting if u have never played ghost recon Wildlands I recommend u try that game for basic info we have to go against Jon Bernthal who was a character from Wildland this game is hardly focused on survival so u have to work on the environment and also look out for enemies and injuries and this whole shooting pack survival game sets on mysterious skill technology facility which contains with drones and all sort of advanced technology and so its going to be a thrilling shooting game so mark your calendar guys

4) Doom Eternal:

release date -22 Nov 2019

Its a sequel for 2016 doom now 2019 edition game contains a lots of weapons and rock-solid music to listen and lots of monsters to hunt and doom 2016 edition contains full of demons to smash and now 2019's doom eternal is going to be much more blast then the old one and new maps dimension jumping like mars and heavens its also just to save the earth from destruction so guys get ready for the doom eternal on 22 Nov 2019

5) The last of us 2(Ps4 exclusive):

 release date -2020

As u all know last series of last of was one of the huge success for ps4 and one of the best game of that with best story and good screenplay and ultimate graphic with real-life experience and sony has been announcing last of us 2 from 2017 and now they are going to release this game in 2019 and its one of the most awaiting games of ps4 exclusive and it contains lots of extreme violence and now the waiting is gone just wait to release the game 

new games in 2019

and some more games like

Shenmue - 19 Nov 2019

Star Wars Jedi - 15 Nov 2019

Death Standing - 8 Nov 2019

ONINAKI - 22 Aug 2019

Concrete Genie(Ps4 exclusive) - Fall 2019

greed fall - 10 Sep 2019

The Surge 2 - 24 Sep 2019

Medi Evil(Ps4 exclusive) - 25 Oct 2019

dreams(Ps4 exclusive) - 2019

 and many more

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