New Free PS+ games for Ps4

New  Free Ps+ Games For Ps4 as usual PlayStation had leaked about its upcoming free ps+ games for September and this time it's going to be an exciting game release this month as everyone knows that Playstation had stoped its free release for ps3 and ps vista for ps+ users and here is the list for Ps+ free games for September 2019

And the games are going to release on  5th September and the first exciting game is   

1)Batman Arkham Knight:

Batman Arkham Knight is one of the biggest of Batman series with best open-world feature and new allies have been introduced and scarecrow have been returned back to get revenge and joker also have been returned and new minions have been introduced and it's so much fun to play and they have introduced a vehicle into this game which can transform into a tank

batman arkham city

Rating: 9.4/10

2)Darksiders 3:

Darksiders 3 is a awesome game with attracting graphic with cool gameplay and it is an Action-Adventure game with cool bosses with a great storyline and cartoon-like looing characters and many more 

Note: this is my own review of the game. how I experience it 

its all about the sept free ps+ games for more updates follow me on facebook and twitter

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