CyberPunk 2077 is the most anticipated game for 2020 with mind-blowing graphics and gameplay and introducing Hollywood action superstar Keanu Reeves as a game character and its gameplay has been released on youtube and got a high positive rating for this gameplay and we can play either as a girl or a boy it
s game background has been set on the future year of 2077 with the latest tech and superb weapons have been introduced in this game with high-end graphics and some crazy dirty world and that world is full of dirty bastards with lots of shitty fun to play
Cyberpunk 2077

And CyberPunk will run on Ps4, XBOX, PC and its a role-play game with the first-person shooting open-world game

CyberPunk 2077 developer has released an update on a game CyberPunk's CD Projekt Red is going to share a 15 min CyberPunk edit of its game-paly  and exclusive interview with its game developer's with a live stream and there is a rumour that they are going to change the plan and the live stream is going to be on AUG 30 and it's going to available on CD Projekt Red's Twitch And Mixer channel 

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