About PUBG 0.14.0 Update

About PUBG 0.14.0 Update:

AS many know that pubg has announced a new update for PUBG mobiles and the new update contains much exciting game development with cool features like a Treasure hunt,, daily missions, new players vs zombie players and change in Evo ground and now some achievements have some new rewards

New players vs zombies:

In this type of gameplay where a group of player can select either zombie or defender where a group of player protects himself  with firearms but zombies are equipped with melee weapons but zombie players can re-swap many times if a defender has infected the defender will turn into a zombie if a single player survive until the given time the defender will win if all the defender are dead zombies will die

Ios update will background:

Ios players can now switch the app to the background while downloading updates

Daily missions update:

A) in this new update, pubg has reduced the number of missions but increased the rewards
B) daily missions other than the login missions. are released randomly.players can switch to other random missions in the pool up to 3 times a day


Level v and rewards added for achievement

complete all the 56 missions to unlock the final rewards
and fixed all the minors bugs  and improved its gameplay with new graphic on high-end mobiles
and  in classic mode game is going to run so smooth on low-end mobiles
and many more with lots of improvements and new skills have been added into pubg mobies

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